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25 May

Get a Quantity Surveyor Online

Posted in Quantity Surveyor on 25.05.16

quantity surveyor

Whether you’re real estate investing or are thinking about real estate investing (and not just building a home, but also creating larger sites or commercial properties), the Internet has provided some fantastic foundations for the modern day business person. One innovative company we’d like to talk about is depreciation.com. Traditionally, if someone wanted to go to receive tax benefits for the items in their property project, they had to call and visit a quantity surveyor. Often, property owners would have to pay the quantity surveyor large fees. But with depreciation.com, all it costs is $250 + GST for a property tax depreciation report – that’s it, and it gets delivered incredibly quickly! The best part about it? It’s all online, so you can have a professional report created for you from the comfort of your own home or office.

So what does a quantity surveyor actually do?

This fantastic YouTube video can help explain what a Quantity Surveyor (or QS) actually does and how their surveying specialties can help with your property.

Basically, quantity surveyors measure the cost of your project from start to completion. Here’s a definition of quantity surveying definition on the depreciation.com website:

Quantity Surveyors work closely with architects, financiers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, project owners, accountant, insurance underwriters, solicitors, courts and government authorities to ensure that your project runs in a timely, thorough and cost effective manner.

Some sweet quantity surveying - all available online!

Some sweet quantity surveying – all available online!

How does depreciation.com tie into this?

All you have to do is tell the qualified team at depreciation.com about your property and they can an easy-to-understand report that you and your accountant can use. Then, it will be delivered to you within 72 hours at a fixed, affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a Perth depreciation schedule, a Sydney depreciation schedule or a Brisbane depreciation schedule, it’s available to everyone in Australia.

So if you need a qualified, reliable quantity surveyor who can help save you tax on your property, you need to visit depreciation.com. Contact them today for the best quantity surveying services!

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13 Mar

Where to find typewriters for sale

Posted in Online Shopping on 13.03.16

Introducing Typewriters for Sale

For our first post at 250-371, we’re going to discuss typewriters. There’s nothing cooler than a good typewriter Seriously. Like analogue cameras are to digital cameras and physical books are to ebooks, typewriters have a certain charm that modern day computers can never replace. That’s why I’m glad that sites such as Typewriters for Sale have come along.

typewriters for sale

A hub for anyone looking to buy a typewriter

Are you interested in purchasing a typewriter, or simply want to know more about them? Typewriters for Sale is a new website that covers and discusses all things related to the universe of typewriters: whether they talk about more modern electric typewriters or vintage typewriters, they review typewriters, they discuss typewriters and they also provide links to great typewriters that you can buy on Amazon. And they have great pictures of typewriters (read below as to why I love typewriters so much).

If by now you think I’m obsessed with typewriters, you’re probably right.

Why I love typewriters

First of all, typewriters require perfection. When you type, let’s say, an incorrect sentence with a typewriter, it’s quite difficult to replace it (and when you do replace it, it’s pretty obvious and unprofessional). From Hemingway and Charles Bukowski to Charles Dickens and Jack Kerouac, all my literary heroes also used the typewriter.

Secondly, I love the sound of typewriters. Some may find those loud “TAP TAP TAP” clicking noises irritating, but to me, it’s music. I know I’m going to sound overly sentimental here, but the sounds of typewriters remind me of the times of my parents and grandparents: times when black and white screens weren’t art but reality, when there was such a thing as a beat generation and when people gathered together to listen to records (as opposed to relying to music as “background noise” as you work in a cubicle in some office (like what I’m doing right now, sadly)).

Thirdly, I love how documents written by an old-fashioned typewriter look. They just look so fucking cool. Sure, you can replicate typewriter fonts on your computer, but it’s just not the same. Try printing out a document with your computer using an imitation typewriter font (such as Courier or some other typwriterish looking font) and then go and try write something with a real typewriter. It’s completely different.

Finally, I like typewriters because they look so damn cool. It’s as simple as that. Look at them. The refinement and care taken by engineers and artists and designers when crafting a good typewriter outstands me. They’re timeless in design – for those who own a typewriter or have a typewriter in their home: you may or may not notice, but as time goes by, and as you age and as life passes and as you experience new things, the significance and meaning of the typewriter you’re looking at will change. Here’s a challenge: if you own a typewriter, try type a letter to yourself once a year, every year for the rest of your life.

If you’re buying a typewriter or are a typewriting aficionado…

typewriters for sale - brother typewriter

Then I highly recommend visiting typewritersforsale.com. They provide some pretty useful information on typewriters and also provide links to Amazon typewriter products for those who are interested in either buying or investing in a typewriter. For example, if you’re looking for a practical, handy typewriter that visually, still has a beautiful vintage typewriter charm, then you should totally check out Typewriter for Sale’s Brother GX-6750 typewriter review.

Check out Typewriters for Sale – right now!

At 250-371, we’re all about finding undervalued, gold nugget online websites. Typewriters for Sale is a fantastic website for anyone looking to find out more about typewriters, purchase typewriters or seriously consider them as an investment. So visit Typewr’ter For Sale’s website on all things typewriters (including vintage typewriters and electric typewriters, as well as typewriter reviews on products such as the Brother GX-6750 typewriter, as well as typewriter accessories such as typewriter ribbons). It won’t hurt, right? It’s a great looking website. So visit Typewriters For Sale now

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